Our Team



The team at MovingMountainsProductions (MMP) started as three high school students working on a school project, but it has developed into so much more than we could ever  imagine! Soon after completing our school project God placed it on our hearts to start Christian media. As we tried to develop the skills needed, we continued to grow by creating scripture videos and entering them in a school competitions. After winning a 3rd and 1st place medal internationally for our scripture videos (God is so Big, & Into Safe Haven), we continued to move forward officially starting MMP in 2017.

Through the journey of becoming filmmakers we have been richly blessed along the way. With receiving free pro-writing software, three scholarships to a film festival, a successful short film primer at Garrington Community Church in 2017, and along with unwavering support from friends and family we are continually showered upon with blessings.

GOD is so good.




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